Udo's Mission

At Udo, our mission is to revolutionize the way people connect, by creating a platform where information can securely be shared, both personally and professionally. 

Udo for Individuals

  • Securely share videos, photos, texts and PDF documents.
  • Use dual-camera video functionality to record and share video messages.
  • Invite friends and family into private chats with invite links and custom QR codes.
  • Free from data tracking.

Udo for Business

  • Securely engage with customers through text, photo and video messages.
  • Enhance customer experience by sharing product information and services through Udo’s dual-camera video functionality.
  • Create a Video Library of reusable content.
  • Maintain PII and HIPAA compliance by keeping customer data secure and private.

Contact for more information

Phone: 801-698-8927

Email: info@udo.com