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A mobile app that provides clear communication and patient engagement through video updates.






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Keep everyone up to date in one place

Instead of making multiple calls, say it once. Udo lets you exchange assessments, share treatment plans, give patient updates and more. Easily collaborate with staff members and other providers to give updates to your patients and their family.


Health information at your fingertips

With Udo, you’re always just a click away from access to your health story. Easily view past treatment and current messages wherever you are and as often as you need.


Communicate with clarity and context

In addition to text and photo, use Udo to exchange video messages with both single and dual-camera capabilities. Capture the critical details that are often lost with written communication.


Udo protects your health records

Udo promotes compliance with HIPAA and other data
protection regulations—so there’s no need to worry about
health data being stolen, released or compromised. Use Udo confidently knowing that your information is secure.

No Cost for Patients. Affordable for Providers.

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